Tweet by Wesley Snipes (Actor): “Don’t let the internet rush you. No one is posting their failures”.

It is important to live life at your pace. Not saying it is easy to do that. Because the internet in all its glorious super-powers has the capacity to inundate you with comparison and possibilities of what should be or who you should be and especially where you should be.

There’s a famous story about how a general, after arriving to shore in pursuit of conquering a city, ordered for the burning of his entire fleet of ships.

The idea that there is only one way, and particularly no way back makes it a game of survival and all efforts are focused on winning this battle in front.

There is (literally) no way back and since retreat is not an option, the risk is to either win or die trying. When backed up against the wall, humans are capable of unimaginable creativity, effort and achievements.

There is a lesson in this to rid self of all other distractions, and focus entirely on this one goal — the one right in front of us that promises survival.

Illustration of an open book with pages

Beyond the pages, outside the buildings — true learning happens in the presence of strangers and unknown spaces.

We have been conditioned to believe that Education happens more in a very structured environment. There is definite value in having that as part of the overall learning plan. However, the value of learning in a more unstructured environment has value beyond the quantifiable.

It is in the chaos that a person taps into their instincts and figures stuff out. The skills acquired by tapping into all forms of knowledge and problem solving are what lead to substantial growth.

This is why wisdom acquired in the pursuit of a purpose is of the more satisfying variety.

My advice (for what it’s worth) for success and happiness: Compete with yourself and root for everybody else.
: Candice Millard

My eventual competition is with myself. Am I a better person today than I was last week, last month or last year. At the same time, it is valuable…

Illustration of the character called Morpheus from the movie — The Matrix

I can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it.

Search for a Yoda, Morpheus…a guide — to help me figure stuff out.
I understand the value of it.

The hesitation to admit and acknowledge that I know very little and then being vulnerable to a stranger — is what holds me back.

I have to let go off this need to be the all-knowing smart guy in the room. For true learning and growth comes from a place of willingness to listen to others.

The criticism and feedback that an informed guide has to impart is essential to my pursuit of greater mastery.

To be better, I must be humbler.

Illustration of a woman with a stool and a training whip, battling a large lion

Facing the enemy with a weapon … is not the only form of courage. For courage comes in all shapes, sizes and most important at any moment.

It is that super-hero power that allows us to overcome obstacles, fight for what’s right, serve others, and drive change — and, in…

Colorful illustration of a lighthouse with a beam of light coming from it

As my life crashes and sweeps over the rocky shores of this existence, there are a few guiding principles that act as beacons to help me navigate this experience.

  1. Let go of everything — thoughts and things that don’t serve me anymore.
  2. Be honest — with self and others.
  3. Seek pain — for peace is found in the struggle.
  4. Talk to Id—for that is a conversation worth my time.
  5. Change and work on self — for that is the only variable I can control.

Sketch of a black crown by the artist Basquiat with old pieces of paper attached behind it

There’s no game to win, that’s not what art is.

There’s no crown to wear.

There’s no finish line to get to.

There’s no guide to stick to.

Art is the expression of thought, movement and ideas that move me.

It is about allowing the imagination to roam free.

It is the feeling of being disconnected and connected to the ether.

An illustration of a person walking with a stick with nature around them

To stroll, to wander, to move at a languished pace.

To feel the fresh breeze, the warm sun and the noisy silence of this space.

To let the body explore the vastness around me.

To feel the foliage under my feet.

To disconnect from the hyper-ness of life.

To feel that there is no strife.

Dive into this dream — every Sunday…week after week.

Two illustrated people shouting at each other and spewing arrows out of their mouth when doing so.

“If you only like democracy when it goes your way,
you don’t actually like democracy”.

With an increasingly polarized world, folks are more focused on upholding the ‘values’ of their side instead of being better neighbours — by listening and making an attempt to understand each other.

It is far…

Perpetual Motion

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