Perpetual Motion
1 min readAug 25, 2021
Illustration of a woman with a stool and a training whip, battling a large lion

Facing the enemy with a weapon … is not the only form of courage. For courage comes in all shapes, sizes and most important at any moment.

It is that super-hero power that allows us to overcome obstacles, fight for what’s right, serve others, and drive change — and, in the process, discover and become our truest self.

Courage can be viewed as either physical or moral. A battle requires physical courage, while moral courage is required when fighting the silent unseen internal battle against corruption and cowardice. They have a deep and fluid relationship as they work together to ensure that you are willing to step up to the challenges of injustice around you.

Taking risks is scary. Being a coward is easy. But in the long run, the cowardice gnaws at your soul and lower your own self-image.

It is necessary to reach out and tap into the courage source within us. The manifestation of that expression might be unique to us all — but the internal desire to be more courageous, in different forms and at different times, is definitely universal.